About Me

    Hi! I am Babyberrygirl you may know me as Elizabeth.  I am writing this blog to keep our cell phones looking as amazing as the remarkable little pieces of technology they are. 
    I enjoy designing wallpapers for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices in Photoshop and Illustrator.   You will find BeWeather sets posted here and on the BabyBerrygirl site which will work on your android device.
    Even though many family, friends, and co-workers feel that we have all had our cell phones surgically implanted I am reassuring you that there is absolutely no truth to this rumor whatsoever.
    Why do we like our cell phones so much you ask?  Oh where do I begin... we can check our email on a bus, in a car, on a plane when no one is looking. You can check it here or there, you can check it anywhere! We can have a passionate debate as to which device has the best battery, reception, and is the most reliable but let’s move on to the fun stuff!  We have WhatsApp cross platform messaging.  The world is at our fingertips!  It’s the best text and picture messaging app of all time. The way it organizes pictures is absolutely amazing! With near endless themes, wallpapers, widgets, and a plethora of other customizations we can keep our cellphones coordinating with the day, an event, or the season.  We have fun.  We have style! We have cases just ask Ria and Wendy!
    There are many cell phone blogs created and maintained by absolutely amazing and talented people. I have met people from not just the United States and Canada but from all over the world and from all walks of life. Communication that once began with a common interest in technology has now forged friendships that will last a lifetime.
    Browse through my site and if you don't find just what you want send me an email so together we can make it happen. 

I'm so glad you stopped by!






  1. Simply AMAZING. Nice, VERY NICE work...THANK YOU

  2. I love your work! It's awesome! Do you do personalized wallpaper, too?