Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving, Shopping, and Football

The wonderful aroma of a turkey in the oven; hearing the laughter of little kids, the sound of the front door opening to the big kids coming home, and that hug from Grandpa that makes the world right again. 
Thanksgiving is family, friends, football, turkey, smoke alarms, standing around watching the deep fryer, the pies, and last but not at all the least, the most heavenly turkey sandwich ever. What would be a Thanksgiving without the traditional after dinner nap, the kids table, and the green beans?
We have learned to be more thankful for our health, cherish our loved ones, celebrate new friends, and look forward to…..Black Friday shopping that seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. 
Enjoy the new wallpapers and BeWeather set while you get ready for Thanksgiving.

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