Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Spring

It's Springtime! Its time to color Easter eggs, purchase pretty dresses, devour the Honey Baked ham, enjoy spring break, and let's not forget that little basketball tournament.

 For all of you that still have more wind, rain, and snow then you would like, let's defy Mother Nature and celebrate spring with pinks, lavenders, and a bounty of flowers.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lloyd Spencer and Lady Lola

 androidcentral has an adorable mascot named Lloyd. you can find images of him all over the world. Leading such a busy life I thought that Lloyd needed a friend, confidant and all over hot android chick! Lola was born. 

Wendy from it's a berry sweet life cleverly named her Lola.

 Spencerdl encouraged me to make BeWeather sets...voila! 
 Soon you will be able to have them in several colors but for now its green and red for Lloyd and pink for Lola
            *Lavender coming soon!!

thanks to spencerdl for the great screen shot!

 click on the link below to download

 Thanks to spencerdl for the always amazing screen shots!
Lloyd Spencer in Red is sporting a custom requested tattoo

Click on the link below to download

thanks to spencerdl for sending me screen shots!!

click on the link below to download

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St Patrick's Day


            St Patrick's Day 

St. Patrick’s Day gives us a reason to wear green, eat fun things we have tinted green (not the things that have turned green!), and even get that special green cell phone case!  It may have been simpler when you were little and just pinned on a green ribbon so you didn’t get pinched but nowhere near as much fun.

Below you will find a few new Shamrock wallpapers to help you enjoy the new two weeks. 

Lucky you!

Thanks to spencerdl for the amazing screen shots!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Hi all you Android lovers. It's here...finally!! My Android Blog.

As some of my friends and fellow Crackberry addicts have now ventured on to the iPhone and Android phones I decided to continue to make wallpapers for their new phones and post my BeWeather sets too! 

This blog will be designed around a 720x1280 wallpaper format. If your device is not compatible with that size just me send me an email and I will resize for you. 

The Samsung Galaxy 3 has an amazing amount of space to use for wallpapers.  Life can't be better than using a BeWeather custom set with your very own wallpaper!  Ok...I might have gotten a little carried away here...but the results are amazing!       Enjoy,