Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Blogger Girls are back!

The Blogger Girls do give a Hoot!

The Blogger Girls have come together from all corners of the world again to show we care and share a little happiness to what seems like a less than perfect world sometimes.

Friends, fun, and feathers.  Lets dress up that cell phone.

In Blogger Girl tradition we each have contributions. Not all the things we have made for this collaboration will work on all devices but we wanted to share them anyway.

it's a berry sweet ilife has new wallpapers, clever little Zeppelins you can tell your iPhone friends about and when you visit you will always find a cute little animation to watch!

When you visit  Keep Calm and Carry On 
you will find the ever adorable Hoot Hoot BeWeather,
wallpapers, and more.

I have wallpapers to contribute. I have made them in a 720x1280 format. If you need a different size, send me an email and I will be happy to change to whatever size you need.

My Love BeWeather