Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lloyd Spencer and Lady Lola

 androidcentral has an adorable mascot named Lloyd. you can find images of him all over the world. Leading such a busy life I thought that Lloyd needed a friend, confidant and all over hot android chick! Lola was born. 

Wendy from it's a berry sweet life cleverly named her Lola.

 Spencerdl encouraged me to make BeWeather sets...voila! 
 Soon you will be able to have them in several colors but for now its green and red for Lloyd and pink for Lola
            *Lavender coming soon!!

thanks to spencerdl for the great screen shot!

 click on the link below to download

 Thanks to spencerdl for the always amazing screen shots!
Lloyd Spencer in Red is sporting a custom requested tattoo

Click on the link below to download

thanks to spencerdl for sending me screen shots!!

click on the link below to download


  1. The link for the Pink Android Beweather isn't working. Please help!

  2. Hi Stephanie, please try again and if you still have difficulty send me an email and I will send you the file. You may have tried to download while I was making a change...oops!

    1. I try to download the pink lady Lola and it won't let me down is this for android